Countdown to INTERMOLD KOREA 2017!(KODMIC Newsletter Jan. 16, 2017 (No. 570))
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Date : 2017-01-26
Global molding industry trend at a glance
With roughly 50 days remaining until the 23rd Korea International Die, Mold & Related Equipment Exhibition, also known as INTERMOLD KOREA 2017 which is scheduled to be held from March 7~11, 2017 in KINTEX (Ilsan), last-minute preparations are smoothly underway such as receiving applications to exhibit from leading domestic and foreign molding companies, etc. On December 23, 2016, KODMIC held a briefing session about the exhibition for participating companies at the Korea Federation of SMEs (Yeoui-do), which attracted great interest with attendance by more than 150 executives and employees of participating companies.
On behalf of KODMIC, Executive Director Lim, Young-tag thanked those in attendance for their interest in the exhibition despite the challenges facing the molding and relevant industries, and added that “in order to lay the basis to leap forward through generating new industry demand and shed light on the future direction of our industry as the fourth industrial revolution unfolds, all of us at KODMIC will endeavor to ensure that this year’s exhibition produces successful outcomes.”
At the briefing session on INTERMOLD KOREA 2017, information was provided regarding overall preparation details, timeline for carrying in and out exhibit items, and other relevant matters. In particular, additional support measures that are to be provided this year include making hotel reservations for overseas buyers invited by participating companies, supporting the development of outdoor advertisements to promote exhibit items in major industrial areas, operating free shuttle buses (metropolitan and rural areas), and offering free exclusive parking spaces for participating companies.
Solidify status as one of the two global molding exhibitions
Enhance satisfaction among participating companies and observers

INTERMOLD KOREA 2017 aims to fulfill the expectations of participating companies and showcase the changing global molding industry trend to observers.
Just like last year, top-three government-supported industry exhibitions, such as the Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show (KOPLAS) and Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Fluid Exhibition (HARFKO), will also be simultaneously held at KINTEX Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 during INTERMOLD KOREA 2017. We expect this year’s event to be the largest in scale, thereby raising its status as one of the two global molding exhibitions.
Holding simultaneous exhibitions is expected to draw potential buyers from relevant industries, which in turn is to contribute to increasing sales of participating companies.
“Fourth industrial revolution”
Shed light on future direction of global molding and related industries
Display industry’s latest technological convergence

INTERMOLD KOREA was the first-ever international die, mold & related equipment exhibition held in 1981. Since then, it has contributed to driving the domestic molding industry’s growth by generating new industry demand and triggering development of new technology. Over the past 37 years, not only has INTERMOLD KOREA established itself as a platform for generating actual demand, it also has helped revive the industry through showcasing the global molding industry’s current and future trends by introducing Korea’s leading molding machines, as well as the latest mold components, materials, software, and key molding equipment from home and abroad.
This year’s exhibition is to particularly center on how global molding and relevant industries will gear up to the impending fourth industrial revolution, which is currently a hot potato. In addition, a variety of new technologies are to be showcased that is to strengthen the industry’s competitiveness, such as the convergence of ICT and sophisticated software, machine tools, etc.
We expect the exhibition to be a platform for seeking future growth drivers to meet demand from existing and new clients, and enabling domestic industry players to further cement its position in the global market.
Revive the stagnant molding industry through generating new demand
Invite potential buyers to export counseling meeting
KODMIC anticipates that INTERMOLD KOREA 2017 will generate new demand and help revive the domestic molding industry, which is in a slump due to global uncertainties.
In particular, buyers from home and abroad will be invited as a way to further promote the exhibition and contribute to export growth. During the exhibition period, domestic molding companies will offer export counseling and advice to more than 40 potential buyers from countries like the U.S., Japan, and Europe that could possibly lead to actual contracts. At the same time, the General Assembly of the Federation of Asian Die and Mold Associations (FADMA) will be held, which is to help promote the Korean molding industry’s status and growth potential.
In order to hold a successful exhibition and support marketing activities of participating companies, KODMIC, along with co-organizers, have developed a budget plan to actively promote the event via various channels (e.g., television, Internet, radio, newspapers and magazines, and telemarketing).
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