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Application Deadline

All exhibitors should submit to fill up on-line in exhibition website by September 30, 2018.

  • Super Early Bird by April 30, 2018 : 10% discount
  • Early Bird by June 15, 2018 : 5% discount
  • Application will be closed when booths are fully booked.

Unit of Space

Each booth measures 9㎡ (3m×3m)

Online Application Procedure

Access to Website(www.intermoldkorea.com) > Click “Online Application” > Agree on the general terms and condition > Registration > Verify the application and print the form > Complete application

Access to website

Click "Exhibitor > Online Application"

Agree on the general terms and conditions.


Verify the application and print the form

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(Unit: US$ / booth)
Classification Raw-space Shell-scheme
Cost US$ 2,600 US$ 3,100
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  • Super Early Bird by April 30, 2018 : 10% discount
  • Early Bird by June 15, 2018 : 5% discount

※ The shell-scheme booth includes a booth installation fee of US$500.

How to pay

Application Fee: Please pay 30% of the participation fee upon application.
Payment of Balance: You must pay the balance of the participation fee, the rental fee for utility services and so on by January 31, 2019.

Bank Information
Bank Name Industrial Bank of Korea
Account No 221-000047-01-017
Receiver (Account holder) Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative
(Unit: US$)
Services Unit Details Price
Electricity Per Kw Single-phase 220V, 60Hz
Three-phase 220V/380V, 60Hz
Compressed air Per line ø9mm, 8kg/㎠ $250
ø15mm, 8kg/㎠ $350
ø20mm, 8kg/㎠ $450
Water supply/drainage Per line ø15mm, ø25mm, 4kg/㎠ $200
Telephone(Land line) Per line International $200
Internet line Per Port - $250
Bar code system Per EA One-way terminal $300
  • For use of the utility services, exhibitor should apply online before November 30, 2018.
  • Official supplier assigned by organizer will manage all utility services and the price is including installation and usage fee.
Withdrawal and Cancellation

In case that exhibitors do one of the following, the contract may be terminated arbitrarily, or exhibits may be removed from the exhibition hall even during the exhibition;provided that participation fee already paid shall not be refunded

  • a) Exhibitors display products not in line with the nature of the exhibition.
  • b) Exhibitors do not conform to operation guidelines and take actions to hinder the management of the exhibition.
  • c) Exhibitors reject to use part or all of the allocated booths or transfer to a third party without a permission of the organizer.
Cancellation Charge

For any withdrawal of exhibits, the following rules apply depending on remaining period

Cancellation Date Penalty fees
On or before Dec. 31, 2018 30% of the fee for booth use
On or after Jan. 1, 2019 100% of the fee for booth use
Interpreting Regulation

Matters not specified in this detailed management guideline shall be settled through mutual consultation with Organizer.

Booth allocation
  • Organizer will allocate the booth based on first-payment, first-reserved logic according to exhibits’ category.
  • Participants cannot rent or transfer booth assignments to a third party or mutually exchange them with one another.

The organizer will offer constructed booths as described below for exhibitors that apply for a standard booth(Shell-scheme booth).

Installation Fee

The construction costs for one booth (9㎡) is US$500.

Details Provided
  • Business name(English), Partifition Assembled
  • Information desk and chair (one by each company provided)
  • Floor carpeting (Gray color)
  • Lighting Facilities (three spotlight per booth)
  • One socket for 220V

Having an raw space booth means that the participant has rented only the exhibition area. The exhibitor is responsible for and must bear the expense of the installation and removal of its booth, and all the work must be done by companies registered with KINTEX.

  • Height : 5m
  • Multi-Storied booth is not available.
  • Rigging : over 450sqm (50 booths)
  • The wall cannot on the aisle side.
Booth Installation of Raw-space
  • For the smooth management and the complete construction in a short term, the installation parts should be prefabricated and carried in from outside.
  • For the construction of any booth, no wall should face the pathway. If it is inevitable, the booth may be set up after consultation with organizer. (The height of wall is limited 3m and it should be installed by less than one-third of each side of the booth and positioned at 1m far from the aisle to secure the view of beside exhibitor.)
  • The ceilings of all booths should be open. However, small offices and reception areas may have a roof.
  • All the materials (board, wood, carpet, etc.) for booth prefabrication should be flame retardant or incombustible.
  • All the installation including lighting equipment may not exceed the allotted booth area.
Height Limit

The height of all installation in the booth is limited to 5m. However, the height of the back wall can be 7m.

Installation Using a Ceiling
  • Only company taking more than 50 booths (450㎡) is allowed to install facilities on the ceiling. But, the facilities are limited to promotion banners or lights affixed to truss. And any promotional banners down the truss are not allowed.
  • The height of installation facilities using the ceiling is limited to 8 m(from the floor of exhibition hall to the bottom of truss)
  • When installing facilities by using the ceiling, the structure analysis and construction must be made by companies designated by KINTEX.
  • Construction must be possible after submitting the ceiling truss construction report and obtaining an approval for the report.
Submission of design drawings
  • The exhibitor and the constructing company must submit an application for the installation of raw space booth and the construction plan (blueprint, color model picture, specifications, etc.), two copies respectively, to the exhibitor by February 1 (Fri), 2019. The construction may start only after the approval of the organizer.
  • If a exhibitor does not submit the application for the installation of raw space booth, it cannot construct the booth.
Work report
  • All the work in the exposition area must be reported in a written document by the constructing company, and the workers must wear admission cards indicating the constructing company.
Work Safety Instructions
  • All personnel entering and leaving the exhibition hall must wear a helmet during the installation period (March 9-11, 2018).
  • Paintwork is not allowed in the exhibition hall in principle but it is possible to do limited after 6 pm only for the seam finishing work. (※ Only water paint can be used)
Period for setting up the exhibition
Operation type Period Working hour
Installation March 9 (Sat) ~ 11 (Mon), 2019. (3 days) 8 AM ~ 8 PM
Dismantling March 17 (Sun), 2019. (1 day)
  • If extra work is needed, the exhibitor should get an approval from the organizer and the relevant charge is responsible of each exhibitor.
  • Organizer will notice the booth installation schedule to each exhibitor according to sectors.
Foreign exhibits
  • Customs clearance and check-in/out of foreign exhibits shall be paid by exhibitors with its sole responsibility. For this, a designated forwarder and customs broker shall be hired.
  • For check-in of exhibits, INVOICE shall be filled out in three copies and submitted to the forwarder and customs broker by February 20, 2019.
  • Information for B/L Invoice and Packing List shall be filled in the categories of exhibits, samples, experiment supplies, and consumables (catalogue, souvenirs, etc.) for the convenience of customs clearance.
  • Consignee indicated in B/L INVOICE shall be the designated customs broker or the organizer , and Notify Party shall be an exhibitor.
    ※ In case that an exhibitor passes the customs directly, Final Consignee shall be an exhibitor.
  • Consignee shall be the designated customs broker or the organizer for the convenience of customs clearance by unifying customs clearance procedures.
  • Foreign exhibits shall arrive by February 22, 2019 in Incheon or Busan Port or Incheon (Kimpo) International Airport.

    • Check-in inspection : March 9 ~ 11, 2019 / 3 days
    • Check-out inspection : March 17, 2019 / 1 day
  • For check-in/out inspection of bonded goods, a responsible employee of the exhibitor who can explain the contents in detail must be present.
  • The term of Consignee in the name of the designated customs broker or the organizer shall be two months from the last day of the exhibition, and the designated customs broker or the organizer shall not be responsible for exhibits more than two months, which shall be transferred by Exhibit Transfer Certificate (Form 8).
  • All exhibits checked in/out into the exhibition hall for bonded goods shall not be moved without a prior approval of the organizer and a customs official.
Exhibit Management
  • Exhibit items should be managed by resident members of the exhibitor during both installation and exhibition periods.
  • The ultimate management responsibility for the exhibit items is the exhibitor. The organizer will not compensate for the any loss due to accidents such as theft, fire, or damage to the exhibits.
  • The exhibitor should insure all the exhibits and important equipment during the preparation and the removal period as well as the exhibition period.
Removal of the installation and Duty of damage restoration
  • After the termination of the exposition, each participant must finish removing the exhibition installation in its booth and diverse waste by 18:00, March 17 (Sun), 2019, under the exhibitor’s own responsibility.
  • If the removal is not completed during the said period, the organizer will remove any remnants and will charge the exhibitor in question any expenses accrued.
  • In any case if an exhibitor destroy or damage on exhibition facility during carrying-in/out period, the organizer will charge to the exhibitor the recovery costs.
For the purpose of operating the exhibits For lighting Frequency Price
AC 220V, single-phase, 2wire AC 220V, single-phase 60Hz US$ 100 per Kw
AC 220/380V, 3-phase, 3wires

※ If other voltage or cycle is required, the participant must bear the expenses for a transformer or converter.

Telephone(Land line)

According to the application, a short-term automatic switching telephone will be installed in the exhibitor’s booth. The rental fee is US$200

Compressed air
Classification Standard Unit Price
ø9mm The maximum compression : 8kg / c㎡
Terminal: 7kg / c㎡
1 Line US$ 250
ø15mm US$ 350
ø20mm US$ 450

※ Installation shall be made wholly by the contractor designated by the organizer upon application by exhibitors and completed upon wiring with exhibits.

Water supply and drainage
Classification Standard Unit Price
Ø15mm, Ø25mm The maximum compression : 4kg / ㎤
The diameter of the feed pipe : 20mm
The diameter of the drain pipe : 75mm
1 Line US$ 200

※ Installation shall be made wholly by the contractor designated by the organizer upon application by exhibitors, and water supply is available right after wiring with exhibits or facilities is done.

Bar-code system
Classification Example model Details provided Price
Handy Type
Bar-code system
Mobile type hand terminal
Check the number of visitors
Free of power supply
Provide print-out of the visitor's data after 1 day
Provide visitor's information by email everyday
US$ 300
Internet Line

For participant planning PR and the convenience of visitors, the organizer will provide internet connection for prior applicants. The installation and rental fee is US$ 250 per line.


The organizer plans to support the PR of new products and high-tech technology for molds and related machinery by introducing them through seminars. So if a participant hopes to host a seminar, please refer to the following.

Eligible Applicants

Any exhibitor who want to introduce own die and mold technologies or new developed products to public.


March 12 ~ 16, 2019


Conference room in 2nd and 3rd Floor of KINTEX Exhibition Center 1

Application Deadline

January 15, 2019

How to apply

The application for the participation in the seminar can be made in Exhibitor Log-in of this exhibition website.

For your information
  • For any overlapped places and time after application, the organizer will coordinate and assign time and places en block.
  • Seminar organizers (exhibitors) will prepare text books, translation service (in case of foreign instructor) and things necessary for the seminars and the organizer will support advertisement of the seminars.
Item Size Capacity Time Cost
2nd ~ 3rd Floor
Seminar Room
(Each Room)
120 people
(Lecture type)
AM 09:00 - 12:00
PM 13:00 - 17:00
Full day 09:00 - 17:00
Additional 1Hr
2nd ~ 3rd Floor
A/B Separation
(Each Room)
50 people
(Lecture type)
AM 09:00 - 12:00
PM 13:00 - 17:00
Full day 09:00 - 17:00
Additional 1Hr
2nd ~ 3rd Floor
Seminar Room
250 people
(Lecture type)
AM 09:00 - 12:00
PM 13:00 - 17:00
Full day 09:00 - 17:00
Additional 1Hr
Support conditions
  • We support the exhibitors to hold seminars on new technologies and products to strengthen and develop the mold industry competitiveness. (However, seminars for the purpose of simple sales are excluded from support.)
  • We will support exhibitors who have applied for more than 4 booths.
Online application for ads

The organizer will provide various promotion opportunities as below to maximize the outcome of the exhibition by means of promotion of exhibitors. So exhibitors wishing to place ads in in- and outside of the exhibition hall and media may apply in our website. Application for ads is possible in the form of a separate ad and ad package.

Types Media Location Qty Size Ad costs (KRW) Number of Companies Type Remark
Individual ads. ① Shuttle Buses 10 areas around Seoul 40 4m×1m 1,000,000 4 Company name exposure
② Promotion Tower Entrance to KINTEX IC 1EA - 1,000,000 4 "
③ Big banner outside of exhibition hall Outer wall of exhibition hall 1EA 8.5x11.5m 10,000,000 4 Image - Big banner
④ Booth layout Printed materials, etc. 10 Marked in proportion to booth area 2,000,000 10 Company name exposure Visitor leaflets
KODMIC's Newsletter
Status board
directory of exhibitors
⑤ Ads in pass At the bottom of pass 60,000 copies Company name exposure 2,000,000 4 "

Table 4 Printed materials 5,000 copies 12x21cm 1,200,000 1 Image and manuscript Inner paper for Package ads.
Table 2, Table 2 Cover 800,000 2
Table 3,Table 3 Cover 600,000 2
Inner paper 400,000 No limit
⑦ Special ad on KODMIC's Newsletter Printed materials 20,000 copies 18x12cm 1,000,000 6 "
⑧ Ads on economic newspapers Printed materials 15 times Full page, etc. 2,000,000 - Company name exposure
Package ①~ ⑧ 15,000,000