Rules for Participation

Rules for Participation

Please apply utility services, directory, etc after complete online application and log in.

Article 1 Participation

The application for the INTERMOLD KOREA 2019 is completed by paying a application fee(30%) in full as set forth in the invoice we issued (at the time of application).

Article 2 Booth Allocation

① Booths for exhibitors are allocated randomly by the Cooperative in consideration of exhibition area and frequency of participation according to the number of itemized exhibits registered and the order of application fee payment.

② Booths once allocated may not lease or transfer in part or wholly to a third party nor be exchanged between exhibitors.

Article 3 Prior Screening

Giventhe specialty and the nature of the exhibition, prior screening of exhibits is possible, and items unrelated to the nature of the exhibition may be rejected.

Article 4 Withdrawal and Cancellation

① In case that exhibitors do one of the following, the contract may be terminated arbitrarily, or exhibits may be removed from the exhibition hall even during the exhibition; provided that participation fee already paid shall not be refunded:
a) Exhibitors display products not in line with the nature of the exhibition.
b) Exhibitors do not conform to operation guidelines and take actions to hinder the management of the exhibition.
c) Exhibitors reject to use part or all of the allocated boothsor transfer to a third party without a permission of the organizer.

② For any withdrawal of exhibits, the following rules apply depending on remaining period:

Cancellation Date Penalty Fees
on or before December 31. 2018 30% of the fee for booth Use
on or after January 1, 2019 100% of the fee for booth Use
Article 5 Early application

Super Early Bird by April 30, 2018 : 10% discount, Early Bird by June 15, 2018: 5% discount

Article 6 Interpretation

Other issues than specified in the Rules for Participation shall be determined by consultation with the organizer.

Tne END.

If you type in same E-mail address with INTERMOLD KOREA 2017, you can find already registered company information at that time. In that case, you just modify the information based on present status of yours.

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